Vorsteiner Tesla Model 3 Volta With V-FF 109 Wheels

Vorsteiner Tesla Model 3 Volta With V-FF 109 Wheels

/ April 21, 2020 / 1131 Views

The Vorsteiner Volta carbon fiber aero package for the Model 3 is joined by a set of Vorsteiner Flow Formed Wheels

Even though Vorsteiner is mostly known for its aftermarket aero tuning programs for German and Italian high-performance sports cars. However, with the advent of the Tesla Model 3, it wasn’t long until the California-based tuning company created a custom tuning program for the hot new EV. Named Volta, the aero package continues the familiar Vorsteiner philosophy of high-quality pre-preg carbon fiber parts. In turn, the package awards the EV an aggressive, albeit clean look.

The Vorsteiner Volta includes a carbon fiber front spoiler, side skirts, an aggressive rear diffuser, and a small stylish lid spoiler. In addition, to that, this particular Midnight Silver Metallic Tesla Model 3 comes with a Vorsteiner aero diffuser.

However, in order to complete the refined looks of their Model 3, some owners opt-in for a set of Vorsteiner wheels, giving their builds a perfect finishing touch. This Model 3 is adorned with a set of Vorsteiner V-FF 190 wheels. Made from lightweight flow formed aluminum, these wheels are a cost-effective way of getting a gorgeous looking set of wheels. Flow forming is essentially a wheel making technology & process used to produce wheels that are lighter in weight compared to a conventional cast construction, yet substantially stronger. Furthermore, Vorsteiner meticulously reduces the weight of the wheel utilizing back-pad pocketing as well as front and rear spoke pocketing.

In the end, you get a lighter and stronger wheel, with traits similar to those of high-level forged wheels, albeit for a fraction of a price. And in our book, less weight and money spent on a set of wheels is always a good thing.

For this Midnight Silver Metallic Tesla Model 3, the wheels are sized 20×9 in the front and 20×10.5 in the rear. Additionally, the wheels feature a rather compelling Graphite finish, working perfectly with the exterior paint job of this Model 3. Overall, this is one neatly executed Model 3 tuning program and the finishing product is a gorgeous looking Model 3, to say the least.

A more detailed look of the Vorsteiner Volta Model 3 build is available thanks to a neatly populated media gallery right below.

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