Unplugged Performance Offers $50,000 Tuning Package For Model S

Unplugged Performance Offers $50,000 Tuning Package For Model S

/ January 15, 2020 / 1086 Views

Improving the visual and performance aspects of EVs is not that different from ICE’s, but the industry is still in its infancy stages

In the world of ICE (Internal Combustion Vehicles), brands like BMW ///M, Mercedes-AMG, Alpina or SRT are well-known factory-backed tuners for vehicle brands coming from their respective top-level car makes. For EVs however, an industry which is (by automotive industry standards) is still in its infancy stage, there’s not a lot of companies out there that you can turn to for the same level of factory quality tuning. Nonetheless, there are companies that are slowly but steadily, establishing them as the go-to solutions for EV tuning. Right now, in the world of Tesla tuning, a California vehicle tuner named Unplugged Performance is slowly becoming the company that Tesla owners go to for their dose of high-quality aftermarket performance & visual tuning.

“Not only people who have BMW M3s should be able to look cool and go fast around a track,” says company co-founder Ben Schaffer. “Our Tesla can beat them around the track, too, and look cool doing it.”

The company’s HQ is located right next door to Tesla headquarters in Hawthorne, California and its philosophy is clear: make Tesla’s look and go better. The company is run by Ben Schaffer, a long-time tuner of high-performance Japanese monsters like the Nissan GTR. And while they may not be the only game in town, the company is seemingly the most prominent tuner of Tesla cars out there. While the market is still a lot smaller than those if ICE-powered cars, it’s growing at an impressively staggering rate. And for the most part, Tesla owners are not shy about modifying their cars as well, expanding the market base for companies like Unplugged Performance each day.

Currently, the company offers a tuning package for both the Model 3 and the Model S. These complete kits cost $35,000 for the Model 3, while the full treatment on a Model S can go up to $50,000. While with ICE-powered cars, most of the tuning done is to enhance the power output of the gas or diesel-powered engine. However, with EVs, the goal is to make the car lighter, more aerodynamically sound and to enhance the overall experience of driving the car for its driver. After all, a Tesla Model S P100D can sprint from 0-97km/h (0-60mph) in just 2.9 seconds with Ludicrous mode. Not much that anybody can do to enhance that, is it?

Naturally, owners can select parts from the tuning package offered for their vehicles. This can mean only competition brake pads, allowing your car to stop better. Ore, it can be something as arbitrary as the carbon fiber “T” emblem for the Model 3. Items like a superlight titanium nug set, various visual additions or safety enhancements like an FIA 4-point racing harness for your seats are also part of the package. For the most part, we see a lot of Model 3 Performance and Model S P100D owners opting in for an aftermarket brake system, lightweight carbon fiber parts, and suspension upgrades. Furthermore, most will top that off with a set of lightweight aftermarket forged and carbon fiber wheels, reducing the overall unsprung weight. However, some will definitely wanna go with the complete visual & performance package. And that’s fine with us.

Certainly, there’s plenty of those who might not consider Tesla tuning their thing, but seeing how well these cars are put together by Unplugged Performance, one must conclude that this market will definitely be a lucrative one in the future. For those that are interested in checking out what Unplugged Performance offers for the Model 3 and Model S, make sure to visit their website for more information.

Source: Bloomberg | Unplugged Performance

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