Solid Black Tesla Model X Gets ADV.1 Advanced Series Wheels

Solid Black Tesla Model X Gets ADV.1 Advanced Series Wheels

/ March 3, 2020 / 1302 Views

Showcasing a blacked-out look, this Model X looks incredible thanks to a set of lightweight ADV05 M.V2 Advanced Series two-piece forged wheels

Certainly, lots have been said about the Tesla Model X in recent years. In a nutshell, the Model X is a full-size SUV (Sports Activity Vehicle), capable of carrying seven people across an estimated EPA range of 289 miles (465 kilometers). When specced out in the high-performance P100D version, the vehicle features a 100 kWh battery that provides the vehicle with enough power for its dual-motors to sprint from 0-60mph (0-97km/h) in just 2.9 seconds.

Just to put things into perspective, the 2018 Lamborghini Aventador S LP750-4 will do the sprint in the same amount of time. And we’re talking about a luxury vehicle that’s designed to efficiently & cleanly take seven passengers over long distances.

This particular high-performance Model X P100D comes with a rather daunting exterior look. It’s completely blacked out and featuring a set of ADV05 M.V2 Advanced Series wheels. The wheels are completely custom engineered & machined for this exact application. In turn, these two-piece lightweight forged wheels come with absolutely perfect fitment for this application. Overall, thanks to their gorgeous design, these ADV.1 Wheels make for a perfect addition to this EV as they elevate this car’s looks to a completely new level altogether.

These ADV05 wheels come sized 22×9 and 22×10.5 in the front and rear, respectively. Thanks to a Brushed Gloss Liquid Smoke finish, these wheels complete the dark theme perfectly. Additionally, these come with a set of red ADV.1 center cap logos, matching the red P100D markings on the trunk lid of the vehicle. Add the lightweight 50/50 Exposed Titanium Hardware option, and these wheels make for a perfect aftermarket addition that will make this luxury family hauler stand out.

You can grab a detailed look at this build in the media gallery right below.

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