Dark Blue Matte Metallic Tesla Model X Upgraded With ADV.1 Wheels

Dark Blue Matte Metallic Tesla Model X Upgraded With ADV.1 Wheels

/ January 9, 2020 / 1537 Views

Owning its great looks to a rather stunning exterior wrap and a set of aftermarket wheels, this Tesla Model X looks impressive

During my travels related to marketing and car work (I actually own a small marketing agency), I’ve been introduced to various ways of modifying your car. However, for the past several years, there’s one thing that really drew my attention; people modding their Model X’s. In most cases, owners of this vehicle chose to give their ride a sweet wrap job and a set of aftermarket wheels. After all, there’s not much else you can do without going overboard. And overall, there was one Austrian Tesla Model X that really made an impression on me, as it featured a chameleon-like color-changing wrap and a set of Vossen Wheels. There is definitely something about such a huge and rather exotic looking vehicle that comes with a crazy wrap job.

The build we have here today comes courtesy of ADV.1 Wheels. It too features a rather compelling wrap and a set of aftermarket wheels. Namely, this Model X P100D features a dark blue matte metallic wrap and a set of ADV6 Track Spec SL Series wheels. While the wrap is a perfectly self-explanatory item, as it’s, well, just a wrap that needs to be installed, the wheels, on the other hand, are something that we love to dive into a bit more. Yes, it’s not easy to install such high-quality wrap. It’s also an expensive piece of customization to add to this vehicle, but overall, it’s a much simpler mod than a set of wheels.

While the Model X P100D comes with enough power to move a small house, it’s still dependant on its battery pack for range. That means that you probably shouldn’t slap any old set of wheels on it, as the unsprung weight of the wheel department might pose a range penalty on your vehicle. In turn, wheels from wheelmakers such as ADV.1, HRE or Vossen, come with a forged manufacturing process, several design & engineering traits aimed at reducing weight and overall, improving the visual aspect of the wheels as well. These ADV6 Track Spec SL Series wheels come in a three-piece forged configuration. They feature six distinctively designed spokes, showcasing intricate spoke cuts and backside pocketing, aimed at reducing weight and improving the visual traits of the wheels.

For this build, the wheels are built in sizes of 22×9 and 22×10.5 in the front and rear, respectively. The wheels are adorned with a Matte Black and Gloss Black finish combination. Furthermore, the owner of this vehicle went with an Exposed Titanium Hardware option, giving his wheels a rather intricate exterior appeal. The vehicle overall looks clean. It’s dark blue matte metallic wrap functions nicely with the black wheels, while the yellow brake calipers add that perfect contrasting touch. Overall, while going a bit over the top, this Model X build paints within the lines and looks rather impressive.

You can grab a detailed look at this Model X build right below.

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